Twitter's Continuous Discovery

Mar 2022 to October 2022

At Twitter, I led the design strategy for the Explore page, where our mission is to meet customers where they are in their journey and enable them to organically discover different contents the Twitter sphere. In other words, we want to bring Explore to them, not necessarily force them to come to Explore to discover new & personalized contents.

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Voice on Fire TV

Voice engagement on Fire TV

Feb 2020 to Feb 2022

One of my charters at Amazon was to increase voice engagements on Fire TV. From launching a successful feature, this project has provided me a larger landscape to dive deep and define the future of voice engagement plan across Amazon devices.

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Fire TV Auto

Fire TV Auto

Feb 2020 to Jun 2021

I partnered with the Fire TV UX team to define an experience of TV watching in the backseat of a moving vehicle. My involvement was heavily focused on the Appstore experience, and designing a touch modality to support 3P apps experiences who don't support full touch experience yet. Here's an article from TechCrunch about this project.

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Adobe DC Review

Adobe Document Cloud - Review

Jan 2019 to Dec 2019

At Adobe, I developed a strategy to redefine what it means for our customers (knowledge workers) to collaborate: sharing, reviewing and revising documents. The healthy tensions between a 'permanent' PDF culture and a 'living document' nature of document cloud was a great challenge for me to dive into.

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ebay Browse Strategy

ebay - Browse Strategy

Jun 2017 to Nov 2018

At ebay, my task was to define ebay's shopping experience that allows shoppers the ability to browse and explore ebay's rich inventories and eventually narrow down their choices; allowing customers to be inspired by the vast array of choices and eventually guiding them to finally shop with high confidence.

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ebay product reviews

ebay - Product Reviews

Mar 2016 to May 2017

I worked on Product Reviews domain as part of the larger ebay's shopping experience. I've built several new features within this domain to increase shoppers' engagementot only to e-commerce standard practice but to also build an experience that is uniquely ebay; tailored to reflect our array of diverse inventory.

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Lexus Drivers redesign

Lexus - Drivers Website Redesign

Jan 2015 to Oct 2015

I led the UX efforts for Lexus' drivers site redesign. The task was to repurpose the site as the primary go-to resources for owners, by providing useful content and deep engagement experiences. Ultimately, Lexus intends to build a deeper and a stronger relationship with the drivers when they're ready to upgrade within the model family.

Lexus Performance Website

Lexus - Immersive Performance Website

Oct 2014 to Jan 2015

While working at Team One Agency, I designed an immersive, dual-screen project, where our team built a digital experience for Lexus to create a brand and model affinity in such a way that consumers can interactively explore deeper on the model features. This project was recognized by The Webby Award in 2015.

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