👋 I'm Yonius, a product designer who focuses on humanizing design, bridging cross-functional partnerships & story-telling strategy. I've been a designer for over 16 years.
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About me

My name is pronounced 'yo-knee-us'. With over 16 years of experience in Product, Marketing & Design, I juggle my roles in UX, Visual Design, and Strategy. I love crafting meaningful stories through design and empathic research. I enjoy the ebb & flow of ambiguous problems with the goal of ensuring user-centric design, while striving for growth in pushing the boundaries of new things.

I am based in Orange County, CA. I'm an immigrant and I've lived in 3 different countries. I’m inspired by different places, cultures, food, music, people & their stories. I love collaborating with people from different backgrounds.

I commit to designing a simple, just and inclusive product experience. You can read my occasional rants about design & (mostly) random stuff here.

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