personal project

Chalkboard lettering

My love for white-boarding sessions when doing UX works has its side-effects: chalkboard lettering. I have been and will always be obsessed with typography. The tactile feels of putting your thoughts down on either a piece of paper, white board or any type of surface, makes it easier for me to tell a story. I love it so much that I have a blackboard wall in my house that I update from time to time. 

hAND lettering

Naturally, I am also obsessed with hand-lettering and these are a few of my hand sketches when I don’t have the time to dust off the chalkboard wall and update it. I have been experimenting with multiple brush strokes, pen points and markers. 

post-cards project

About a couple of years ago, out of the ordinary celebratory activities that I’ve been doing for my birthdays, I decided to do something different. I designed several postcards for my peers to purchase and all proceeds went to an organization that helps an orphanage in Indonesia. You can read more of the story here

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