wodx app


WODx App is an idea that is inspired by my crossfit passion. The purpose of this app design is to exercise a UX Strategy process: to provide a hypothesis and validate it. 

WODx is an app that allows crossfit practitioners to easily log their workout record. Some key experiences include searching for a closest crossfit facilities, build your own workout of the day (WOD) and record results, set up and track goals. This app is build for two users: athletes and coaches. 


Create a product based on a strong hypothesis. Validate the assumed hypothesis by conducting guerilla research and design experiment to define the product’s scope and to improve usability. Ultimately, the outcome should inform the direction of the product: whether or not we need to preserve the concept or pivot.

Exercise the Lean UX approach by doing an iterative approach with learnings from the user-testing data results.   

my role

I came up with my hypothesis based on my personal interest on a subject (crossfit). I build questionnaires and conducted some field research on the target markets. I put together the findings and slightly pivoted my hypothesis based on what I found out through the field research. 

I built screen prototypes and an Unbounce campaign for test-market registration to gouge interest of the proposed product. I then created a presentation to tell my UX Strategy story. 

customer discovery

I was first introduced to Crossfit back in 2011. When I first tried out for it, I threw up. My next immediate thought was, “I’m coming back.” So it is only natural for me to explore possibilities in my everyday life. I decided to reach out to my closest peers to do a field research for my app strategy project.

 I did some initial hypothesis, then I went to my peers to validate it. I came up with several questions to learn more about the market and their pain points. The goal isn’t to seek justification, but rather an open mind to identify frictions so I can improve their Crossfit lifestyles. 

Story boarding

After studying a sample of the Crossfit community and validated my hypothesis, I then came up with a story board to help my peers understand a Crossfit athlete’s needs and their pain points.  

feature value matrix

After validating my hypothesis and coming up with a story board, it is time for me to create a webpage and put it out in the market. The objective for this is to tout the real-world market’s interest in the product. The more subscription to the site, the more justified that there is need to be met with this product. 


One of my favorite exercise is to learn about the users, understanding their needs and pain points, and then came up with key features to help solve their problems. After synthesizing the findings from the field research, I then determined the key features to have the MVP of the product. I designed a layout based on the features summarized. 

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