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Noritz is a Japan-based tankless water heater company, offering a full line of tankless water heaters to meet the hot water demands of residential and commercial applications. Its goal is to change the U.S. Market’s perception by replacing the old-style tank water heaters with tankless water heaters. 

Noritz supports its products with a national network of skilled contractors and wholesalers who are committed to providing the finest products and services to its communities by helping consumers live in a more comfortable, efficient and healthy lifestyle.


Noritz has three very different customers: the wholesalers, who carries the tankless units in their facilities, the contractors, who do installations of the tankless units, and most importantly, the homeowners, who are the end-users of the product.

Noritz’s objectives in redesigning its website are to ensure that homeowners are familiar and comfortable with the tankless technology, to have fair representations of our top-performing contractors, and to have a clear path for contractors to look for good wholesalers in their area. 

my role

I lead the stakeholders interview and analysis of defining business needs. I synthesized our findings and helped determine our KPIs.

I also lead a journey mapping exercise to drill down on each of our customers behaviors. I worked with the marketing team to map how each customers behave differently and how their journeys integrate at the end.

I then wired and designed the e-commerce microsite and the site for all breakpoints. 

journey mapping

This particular project focuses a lot more on the end users, the homeowners. We looked closely into what are some of the tipping points for homeowners to make their purchasing decision. Before going into the drawing board of how to design the new Noritz website, I lead a customer journey mapping exercise with my colleagues. Because I was in-house, it’s a lot easier to conduct analysis with key stakeholders. 


After the customer journey mapping has been decided, I did the wireframes based on the important features we decided. The redesign also took account of it being responsive. I worked really closely with a development vendor to build this responsive website. 

online shopping experience

Within the Noritz website redesign, there’s an important feature that was decided to be on a separate project path in itself: e-commerce. The idea is to have two test markets for homeowners to be able to size their own house for the right tankless unit. The process requires homeowners to answer a couple of question, and eventually pick a tankless unit. On the back-end side, the business established partnerships with two big contractors to install the units in these two test markets. 


Working alongside with our development vendor, I designed the layout for desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints. I also worked really closely with them in determining micro-interactions for multiple experiences within the redesign. I was the main contact from Noritz from concept, execution, QA to budget.

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