noritz dmp


Noritz is a Japan-based tankless water heater company, offering a full line of tankless water heaters to meet the hot water demands of residential and commercial applications. Its goal is to change the U.S. Market’s perception by replacing the old-style tank water heaters with tankless water heaters.

Noritz supports its products with a national network of skilled contractors and wholesalers who are committed to providing the finest products and services to its communities by helping consumers live in a more comfortable, efficient and healthy lifestyle. 


Noritz recognizes the importance of maintaining and building relationships with one of its key player: contractors. To cultivate this relationship, Noritz designed a loyalty program that encourages contractors to educate homeowners about tankless technology and ultimately install Noritz tankless units.

In order for the business to keep track of its tankless installations, and continuously learn about the complex behavior of loyal contractors, Noritz built a Data Management Platform (DMP). The DMP allows contractors to register their installed tankless and fulfill their training classes for points. The higher the points, the higher the incentives. More importantly, Noritz also gathers important data to improve its loyalty program.

my role

I did market research on contractors behaviors in marketing and installing the product to the homeowners. I worked closely with the Engineering team to build a strong training program and I did primary research on our competitors’ loyalty programs.

I then worked with the rest of the marketing team members to design the contractors loyalty program. I established user flows & service flows, developed the wireframes, and visually designed the platform to match brand tonality.

I worked closely with our development vendor in determining the SaaS capabilities, monitor the project and managed the flow, creative and QA.

market study/research

The initial state of building a DMP for our contractors required a lot of field research. Between understanding our important stakeholder’s needs, particularly the sales team, and visiting numerous wholesalers to interview the very nuanced behaviors of our contractors, the market study/research process for this project took about 8 months to do. These sketches are some of the discoveries I put together to get on the same page with key stakeholders.

3-headed monsters

Despite the light-spirited illustration of this monster, the idea came across really clearly for our sales team. This 3-headed monster is to illustrate the idea that we, as a business, are dealing with 3 very different consumers. This is to remind our sales team to remain sensible when they are selling their tankless units to the wholesalers, while listening really closely to the contractors in supporting their sales needs to the end user, the homeowners. 

Through the sales team’s discoveries with the contractors, we can then build a solid loyalty program for our contractors. Understanding contractors’ needs and supporting them is crucial to the business. The support goes beyond just aiding them in their sales needs, but also nurturing their knowledge and skills about tankless unit to build stronger brand loyalty. 


After gathering all insights we need to build a DMP for the loyalty program, we synthesized our findings. I began to work with our development vendor to determine their technology capabilities in supporting our key features for the loyalty DMP system. I designed the layout and worked closely with the development vendor to build the system. This platform resulted in a 27% increase of registration. 

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