living well publishing


Living Well Publishing is an independent publishing company that releases a book called Hot, Rich and Green. A book that details the secret formula to make money, while saving the planet.

This book was put together by Rebecca Harrell Tickell, a co-producer of the award-winning bio-diesel documentary “Fuel,” which screened at Sundance and won the Audience award.


Build an evergreen brand name for the publishing company, while marketing its first book, “Hot, Rich and Green,” to the green market. While doing so, also support the public relations effort of the writer, Rebecca, by building a digital brand equity for her. 

my role

I was the Art Director for the entire project. Not only I designed the book cover but I also produced all the marketing materials from the press kit, branding materials for the book launch events, logo design for the publishing company, and websites for both the book and the author. 


Exploring the integration between typography and some earthy & organic icons, I was tasked to quickly come up with a publishing logo for a book launch. I understood that often times, a publisher’s logo lives in the spine of a book cover, hence the easy-to-read and simple logo design. 

book cover design

Hot, Rich and Green features more than 50 women who care about the environment and doing business around it to promote the better of the world. This book targets women to get inspired to do the same thing. I designed the layout of the book cover and the inside pages. 

press kit

While working on the content for the book, I was also in charge of the design of the press kit for the book launch. In producing this, we generated some publicities, resulting in some articles written like this


I also build the website for the book as well has the author. I worked really closely side-by-side with a developer. This was the first time I was introduced to an agile working environment (back in 2009), where Dan and I were cranking 4 websites in one-month. I would designed the website and he will code and test it out. If some things don’t work the way we imagined it to be, we went back to the drawing board to pivot. 

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