Beacon journey


Since 2012, Lexus launched a series of projects that, at first glance, had nothing to do with cars: the Lexus Design Award; a glossy lifestyle magazine, BEYOND BY LEXUS; a high-profile film series, Lexus Short Films; and INTERSECT BY LEXUS, a cutting-edge café, shop and gallery space in the heart of Tokyo.

One of Lexus beliefs is to “help solve problems and create a better future through unique, innovative ideas”.


In late 2013, Apple introduced iBeacon, a device that allows developers to communicate with iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, in order to provide them with contextual info based on their immediate surroundings.

Recognizing the opportunity of a micro-location geo-targeting, Lexus wants to explore this technology capabilities across its dealerships.

my role

I collaborated with the team to learn more about Beacon technology. I did primary research, synthesize the findings, and built an internal ROI presentation so we perform further research experimentations. 

I then created user journeys, built user flow for a test market, and prototyped the initial market-test experience for the app for the leadership team. 


I built a presentation for leadership team, explaining what beacon technology is and how it can be implemented across the very nuanced clients’ marketing needs. At that time, beacon technology is still at its infancy stage so the objective is to make leadership be comfortable with experimenting it, without over-promising the technology’s capabilities. 

journey map

After discovering Beacon technology’s capabilities, we then designed a test journey map to illustrate its functions in a real-world scenario. This video is explaining a sample use case. 

user flow

We also designed a user flow, applied to one of our biggest client, Lexus, business need. We determine the most ideal scenario, with the lowest barrier of entry to test out the Beacon technology: one of its invite-only event to let a number of test-market experiment with it. 


I designed the prototype screens to test out the experience to give an idea to both the internal leadership team and clients a real-world scenario of how beacon technology can be utilize for its micro-tagging capability. 

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