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Lexus is going to need to support a variety of campaigns and initiatives in the upcoming year. Each initiative will most likely have its own tone, voice, audience, and objectives.

Some campaigns will have a heavy broadcast and print, will others will rely mainly on digital efforts. But all of them will need a destination on to help tell a larger story.


Tell stories that will establish and reinforce Lexus' single-minded brand belief: The best engineering doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t make you feel something.

Create brand and model affinity in such a way that consumers want to explore deeper.

Plan for evergreen support beyond the campaign. Establish a foundation, but allow for flexibility.

my role

I was the lead UX Designer for this project. I worked with an Art Director and a copywriter, Quoc Lu and Emily L. I audited existing content across ecosystem, researched on competitive sites and involved in the brainstorming process. 

We developed two different concepts that eventually lead to one and built the interaction flow, wireframes and project flow. 

Video edit by: Donnie P. Visit the live site here

initial content mapping

In order for us to tell the right story for Lexus Performance, it’s important to understand the breadth of content across the properties. So we did a quick exploration on the different contents and map them accordingly. Once we did the content mapping, we focused on the Performance category and leveraged on the concept of “best engineering” to create the right experience.

While supporting the Lexus Performance campaign at the time, we are challenged with pushing the boundaries beyond just telling the right story of Lexus Vehicle Performance. We need to make them feel it. So we chose to tell the vehicle performance story through a dual-device experience. 

interaction flow

So I come up with a concise interaction flow, to clearly communicate how each section of the performance story is told. This document is to also let our client, developer and other team members understand the flow and be on the same page. 

wire frames

Once the big-picture interaction flow has been decided, I started wireframing the detail interaction for each section. It is important that I make sure each annotations are as clearly stated as possible. This documentation is important to communicate to the client what we intend to do to deliver the right experience for our guests (users).  

Project flow

As an Experience Designer, improving any kinds of experience, is second-nature for me. I documented the entire project flow not only to educate myself on how things normally works within my agency culture, but to also determine inefficiencies. This document was used to inform the project managers on how the project panned out, and help them improve future projects to increase efficiency. 

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